Adventures of an Inspired Amateur - Episode One (July 26, 2020) 

"Your World Will Shape My Bones - The Beginning"

In the premier episode of the brand new podcast produced for, Jim recalls his earliest memories of a lifetime romance with The Beatles. Included in this episode are excerpts of the following songs: "See You Again" (ALL ABOUT YOU); "Not Like a Mirror Image" (WASP 51!); "You Burn and You Know It" (DIFFERENT); "If I Should Disappear" (NOTHING YOU CAN SAY); "Waiting on a Busted Cloud" (I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE); "Where I Stood" (HUMAN AGAIN); "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" (SO FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION); "Your World Will Shape My Bones" (SONGS FROM 206 HIGH STREET); "Free Assembly" (IF I SHOULD FALL); "Surprised We Made It" (I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE); and a brand new mix of "Sundays on Fire" from the new BOK album EVERY DREAM HAS ITS GHOSTS!

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