Okay...here's the very first contest for the “new” bookofkills.com: 

It has been 16 years since the last Book of Kills “best of” collection, SONGS FOR A PLAYED OUT GENERATION and it is time for a new one. You're in charge of compiling a brand new two disc album surveying the history of BOK from 1983 through 2020. You're “limited” to 33 tracks. (That's no small task considering Book of Kills has released over 520 songs since 1983.) You choose the songs. You choose the sequencing, constructing a cohesive whole. You come up with a title. I will choose what I consider to be the two best compilations.

What do you win? You'll get one of only three compact disc PHYSICAL versions of the album that will ever exist! I'll keep one. The first and second place finishers will get the other two. Each of the two will feature a unique FOLD-OUT two panel collage cover, numbered, dated and signed. The album will also feature an all-new track yet to be written and recorded. 

This compilation should only feature Book of Kills tracks, either studio or live versions. I know that Fear + Whiskey, Plague Dogs and The Karl Rove released a lot of good stuff, but this contest is meant to be Book of Kills-centric. You can find the majority of BOK songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. 

Please note that I do reserve the right to issue the final track listing for the actual streaming version of the compilation. 

When you come up with a list, send it to bookofkils@aol.com (note the one "l"). 

The winners will be announced August 18, so you've got a while to come up with something.