Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Won't You Rock Me Daddy-O!

Practice tonight.

It's time to upload yet another album through CDBaby to Spotify, Apple Music and all the other blah blah blah. I thought seriously about making the album this time WELCOME TO CONCRETE, but I STILL haven't gotten round to searching out all the possible outtakes and alternate versions. I don't even know if there are all that many decent ones, to be honest. That was not a prolific time in BOK music history.

Anyway, maybe next time for that one. I was browsing through a big folder of old BOK songs on the ancient PC that I still keep lots of material on (all of it backed up...don't fret) and I stumbled across the ACOUSTIC KILLS album which originally began life as a bonus cassette for Book of Kills Listener's Club members way back in the '90s. It struck me that I could combine the 12 songs from that with various other acoustic performances and create something a bit out of the ordinary.

Then I remembered that there were three semi-acoustic old time music performances from single #4 in the Book of Kills Singles Club Series from November 2015 that I could stick on the album as well. I listened to the multi-tracks of those three tracks and was surprised how dull-ish the mixes were, so I remixed them and even included some instrumentation that I'd left out of the original mixes and PRESTO! it was like I had three new songs. They sound so much better now! So they'll be included as well. Could be an 17-18 track affair before it's done. I'll be sending out a FREE CD copy of the album to Singles Club members, too!

More soon...