Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

When You Do Something New...

Some interesting thoughts from big-time business people that somehow seem to apply to making music:

"When you do something new, it takes at least two years for anyone to understand." -- Tina Brown

'When you have an idea and everybody thinks it's great, it's probably passé." -- Roy Price

"Leave the party before the lights come on. Everything has an expiration date, including organizations and people." -- Michael Houston

"Find your co-conspirators, the folks who share a passion with you." -- Scott Heiferman

"Always go with your gut." -- Caroline Hirsch

On this day in 2000, Jane and Casey Firkin, Jason Hevener and I practiced one final time before our first gig together two days later at Harrisonburg, Virginia's Little Grill. The set list included: Don't Stop the Scream, Because Because, I Hang Heavy-->Down in Flames, If I Asked You, Rain, I Was Wrong, Fade, Stanley the Steamer, Killing Time Again, Little Bit of Soul, and Beat on the Brat. (BOK opened for an early version of George Nipe III's Plague Dogs.) The Grill was packed and a splendid time was had by all, at least as I recall. An audio and video exists of that show, by the way. I think I've got an audio copy, but I'm not sure if the video even exists anymore.