Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

What's Going To Be In The ARCHIVE Flash Drive?

An interested person recently asked me what exactly will be in the Book of Kills Archives. This is what I'm planning thus far:

1) Around 95% of the music listed on the discography page with liner notes for each album as well as photos of album covers. I reserve the right to decide what music to and what music not to include.

2) A folder with photographs of old BOK/F+W posters.

3) A folder with a relatively small selection of photographs of various band members taken over the years. 

4) A folder with photographs of odds and ends that might be of interest to a BOK/FW fan (such as, for instance, a lyric sheet).

5) A folder of previously unreleased (or at least rare) studio/live recordings.

6) A file with excerpts from The Ballad of Jim Shelley: My Life As A Failed Rock Star. Not, however, the entire book.

It looks like I'll be able to buy 64GB PNY flash drives from Amazon for about $13 each. Any flash drives cheaper than that seem to be extremely dicey in terms of quality. SanDisk drives are apparently a little more reliable but cost $15 each so I might conceivably go with them. It'll cost me 75¢ - $1.25 most likely (I rarely seem to be able to correctly calculate a shipping cost through the USPS site) to mail a drive. I have no intention of making a profit from the sale of these archive albums, so I'd say they'll cost a total of $15-$17. This project is not designed as a way to make money; it's simply a means by which I can put almost all of my music (in the higher definition .wav format) in the hands of those who want it all in one place as cheaply as possible. Of course, if you want to convert some or all of the .wav files into mp3's that's your prerogative.

One cool thing if you've got a newer model car is that you can simply plug a USB flash drive into your car's sound system and play .wav files on the go!

I don't know when this whole thing will be ready to go. I'm working on the album folders fairly consistently, but they do take a long time to put each one together. In general, each album is the expanded edition. I understand that issuing flash drives with .wav files of Book of Kills music is rather an old school concept. I don't imagine the demand for them is going to be exactly through the roof; this is for those folks who've consistently listened to the noise I've made over the years, those folks who've helped make that noise, perhaps the curious, and those folks who want a higher quality listening experience than the rather low quality experience one obtains from listening to streaming music.