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What Does Mastering Entail Anyway?

At this point in time, putting together album folders for the ARCHIVE project is not so much hard as it is simply time-consuming. I think some of you who come to this site regularly might not be fully sure what remastering is and how it differs from remixing, so I guess I ought to briefly detail what I mean by the two terms.

Remastering means creating a new master take of a track, which, can mean adjusting EQ, applying compression, changing the loudness, rebalancing the left and right sides of a track, and so forth, but not changing the mix. Part of the remastering process for me has been typing in the details such as the writer(s), players, recording dates, and so forth in the song's information file (which every .wav recording has.)

Remixing means (in my case) working with all of the individual tracks of an original multi-track recording to compose a slightly (or on occasion radically) different version of the original song by adding or subtracting sonic elements, and possibly changing the equalization, volume, dynamics and position in the sonic field of each recorded sound, whether it be a vocal or an instrument or a sound effect. Usually for me this means the song will sound a little clearer and perhaps a little more dynamic. Unfortunately for me, there is a lengthy period of time from 2002-2011 where either the masters were lost or I no longer have access to the software I used to record probably 90% of the songs I wrote in that nine year span. That includes ALL ABOUT YOU, most of HOGGETT HEADS, WASP 51!, I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE, THE MONKEYCLAUS SESSIONS, some of DIFFERENT, THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS, TOWARD THE ESCAPE, BONA FIDE, and most of THE PLEASURES OF SAYING GOODBYE.

I did get a couple of additional album folders finished this week.

Spencer Dryden was born on this day in 1938. Dryden was the drummer in the very best incarnation of the Jefferson Airplane which featured guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, bassist Jack Casady, singer Marty Balin, singer Grace Slick, and guitarist Paul Kantner.