Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Welcome to Concrete Again

I have pretty much finished compiling the material I'm going to upload to CDBaby for the next distribution to Apple Music, Spotify and so on. It'll be an 18 track deal with mostly previously released material. There'll be a couple previously unreleased songs and just about everything will be either remixed or at least remastered. As I made clear earlier, a couple song's multi-tracks have disappeared but a good remastering can still do wonders, believe me. I imagine that WELCOME TO CONCRETE (Expanded Edition) will drop some time next week.

By the way, this album will NOT contain any material from 2-HEADED GIRL. I figured 18 tracks is enough. I did discover three or four partially finished outtakes from 2-HEADED GIRL that I had no idea existed. Somewhere down the line, I'll release that stuff.

On this day in 2002, Book of Kills played their second show at Alston's in Harrisonburg, Virginia. If I remember correctly, we drew another pretty large crowd (Alston's was a big venue) and earned another paltry pay day. I think we each got about $10. The set list: Accidentally Naked, Cave In, Caroline, Bikini Radio, Gemini, Then I Kissed Her, Face, To Dream a New Dream, Running, Simple World, Clever, Jesco White, Money. Cool set list!