Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


I had a couple of hours available this morning to peruse the six VHS tapes containing BOK-related performances. This is what I've found thus far: March 29, 1997 show (with Brock Beatty and Brian and Dave Buracker) at the Little Grill; January 23, 1998 show (same line-up but their last-ever performance) at a charity event in Harrisonburg, VA); Rehearsal August 22, 2004 (Dustin Bugg, Brian Temples, and Mike Chiarello); October 23, 2004 show at the Little Grill (with same line-up); April 28, 2001 show at the Little Grill (with Bill Bird, Jane Firkin, and Casey Firkin); January 25, 2003 (same line-up with Randy Simpson on lead guitar); December 9, 2000 show at the Little Grill (Lisa Van Fossen, Jane Firkin, and Casey Firkin). The sound is very bad or worse for all of the tapes. Most of them have been released in some form or another. So, I guess I'm a little disappointed, but what the heck. It was fun peering into the past for a little while. Bits and pieces of these videos will eventually show up on the anthology...whenever the hell that drops.

Strange to think that I haven't really played a proper live show in 3 1/2 years. How time does fly. I guess it's time to contact Billy Brett of Buck Gooter fame and see if we can hitch a show or two with them. The last days of live performances are approaching. I'm not going to be playing live a whole lot longer. I said something to someone somewhere about hanging it up for good not so long ago and he said, "You'll play until you drop." Now, I'm not trying to jinx myself about "dropping" any time soon, but no...I'm not going to play until I drop. It's just getting near to the time where I'd just be embarrassing myself to be seen live playing rock and roll. I don't intend to ever stop making music, at least as long as I can write and/or record decent tracks, but playing live? Not so much.