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No practice tonight. I don't think we'll be jamming again for a couple weeks.

"People just want you to keep doing the same kinds of thing, and that's a box I cannot accept. They want to box you in and departmentalize, and that's tortuous for anybody that is a free-thinking individual."

"I never found it easy to fit into any group. Because there's always that pull in me to stretch it beyond their imagination. It's been the story of my life, really."

"I listen to everything, anything, done by anybody because I have complete, total respect for every single human being that goes through the process of writing a song, rehearsing a song, recording a song and then waiting for the negative reviews. Ha! That's hell on earth, man. The modern world of music tends to be dominated by, let's say, a Simon Cowell kind of approach."

-- John Lydon