Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Unfinished Business

I had three "free" days where I could work on music for several hours a day this past week. I mainly spent it on writing some new material and on checking out half finished multi-tracks from past album sessions. Two of the more interesting things I found are one called "Like You're Alive" which I recorded during the sessions for Single of the Month #5 ("I Roam the World and Three Others") and an untitled piece that I think I started during the sessions for Single of the Month #7 ("Wee Drowned Sisters and Whimsy Frowns") and which is only about half done. When I eventually issue another Odds and Sods collection (maybe Big Business Monkey #7?), I suspect those two tracks in some shape or form will wind up on that album.

On this day in 1976, former Beatles roadie (though he was so much more than that) was shot dead by police in Los Angeles.

"I do remember one incident: going up the motorway when the windscreen got knocked out by a pebble. Our great road manager Mal Evans was driving and he just put his hat backwards on his hand, punched the windscreen out completely, and drove on. This was winter in Britain and there was freezing fog and Mal was having to look out for the kerb all the way up to Liverpool - 200 miles." -- Paul McCartney