Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Two At Once

I've been swinging back and forth from preparing a collection of live performances from 2009 to one compiling the odds and ends left over from the Singles Series compilations. Both albums should feature around 10-12 tracks. I'd guess the live compilation will be first to drop, though I'm not sure when CDBaby will allow me to upload another album, simply because it'll be easier to prepare in the long run. 

Lots of rock and roll stars were born on this day! Among them: Bo Diddley (1928), Del Shannon (1934), Felix Pappalardi (1939), Mike Nesmith (1942), Robert Quine (1942), Davy Jones (1945), Patti Smith (1946...Jeez, I didn't realize she was already thirty when she released HORSES!), and Jeff Lynne (1947).

"Don't let your mouth write a check that your tail can't cash." -- Bo Diddley

"I usually write when I'm in a great place. When I'm depressed, I don't usually write. So I take all of when I'm depressed and throw it into when I'm feeling good. Weird, I guess." -- Del Shannon

"You don't have to fight against being placed in a box any more than the number two has to fight against being the number three. I mean, two is not going to be the number three, ever." -- Mike Nesmith

"The only people who didn't like The Monkees were the French, and they don't even like themselves, so what's the point?" -- Davy Jones

"I would rather write or record something great and have it overlooked than do mediocre work and have it be popular." -- Patti Smith

"When you do a new song live on stage, it's kind of a bit weird until it gets worn in, you know, like oiled up a bit. It's still a little bit stiff until you've really thrashed at it for a few weeks." -- Jeff Lynne