Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Top 25 BOK Songs On Apple Music In March

Here's the top 25 most-streamed BOK songs for March on Apple Music (remember, I can't access stats on Spotify since I don't have a membership). Interesting "top 25" this time for certain:

1. Religion Is That I Love You
2. Noise Prelude to Revelation
3. The Night John Lennon Died
4. Your World Will Shape My Bones
5. Things That I'm Not
6. Glass Turns To Sand 
7. The Surging Wave Of The Next Moment
8. I Roam The World Between Your Thighs
9. Lost
10. Like Mad (The Do Do Li Do Song)
11. Saddest Day Ever
12. Until The Day I Meet You
13. Never Ending
14. Not So Lost
15. Let's Begin The Begin
16. A Bluebird Will Do
17. Hello Teenage America
18. You Don't Owe Me Anything
19. Humanoid Strange (Remix)
20. Never Be Like You (Detritus Version)
21. Wild Hog In The Woods
22. I Guess You Fucked Up Another Day Of Mine
23. Swing Shift
24. Then I Kissed Her (All About You Version)
25. You're Not Mine Anymore