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Time Flies When You're Living

Wow...I just can't keep track of the time. Has it been a week since I last posted here? I wonder...are there any other musicians like me who regularly keep a blog going on a semi-daily or even weekly basis? I don't know of many.

Anyhow, since George, Garfield and I haven't practiced in two weeks, I guess I've sort of been out of it musically speaking. Of course, as many of you know, yesterday was Easter, so that meant we had a lot of my and Mary Lou's family here for lunch...twenty-four guests actually! And I've been doing some minor carpentry work and screen replacement on our front porch and that meant for three days last week where I was pretty much doing not much besides measuring, sawing, and hammering.

George III was here yesterday with his mom and dad (my older brother), and I'm hoping, of course, that we'll resume practicing this week. George thinks we should drop "Stanley the Steamer" from our repertoire. We've been working sort of half-heartedly (is that a word?) on it for a while, but I (like George) just don't think it's working, so I think we're going to drop that one.

Eddie Cochran died on this day in 1960. One of the greatest tragedies of early rock and roll.

On this day in 1991, Nirvana debuted a new song during a concert at the OK Hotel in Seattle..."Smells Like Teen Spirit".

On this day in 1997 (good God! TWENTY YEARS AGO???), Linda McCartney died. I suspect this is a difficult day for Sir Paul.

Wanna feel old, Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers? Liz Phair is FIFTY today. Man, did I love her first album EXILE IN GUYVILLE. But she never approached the quality of that great record again.