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George III, Garfield and I will be practicing Wednesday. Don't forget...show at the Grill August 19.

The three of us (along with my brother George, Jr.) went to Christopher Nolan's newest, DUNKIRK, last evening. Damn good movie.

Though I'll be pretty busy with various chores, etc., I'm going to try to find some time to start sifting through cassette tapes and digital folders to search out some outtakes and alternate takes from the 1999 WELCOME TO CONCRETE era. That might be rather slim pickings, so there's the possibility I'll simply be looking for whatever material I can cobble together to make a decent CD to upload to Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal (the most artist friendly online music service, by far), and all the others. There might be some stuff from the WRITING ON THE WALL sessions. I haven't looked through all those tapes. We'll see, won't we?