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The White Album is 49

What I still consider to this day to be the greatest rock album of all time, the so-called "White Album" (actually entitled THE BEATLES) debuted on this day in 1968.

Holy COW! 49 years ago?

Shortly after its release, the New York Times called the record "boring beyond belief". It (the White Album, that is) met with much critical derision in the first few weeks after its release. Years later, the Times, Rolling Stone, NME, AllMusic, and numerous other music magazines said it was one of the ten best records ever made. I guess to this day it is my unchallenged favorite. My dear old Mom, rest her beautiful soul, bought THE BEATLES for me for Christmas. I have no idea what else I might have received as gifts that year but the only one that mattered was THE BEATLES. I played it endlessly most of that Christmas Day.

It's funny, isn't it? I was able to wait over a month for the album. Nowadays in a world of instant gratification that seems ludicrous.

Rumor has it that Apple Music will release a super deluxe version, much like this year's super deluxe release of SGT. PEPPER, of THE BEATLES next year around this time.