Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The Next Album, Volume IV

Spent a good deal of time today mixing, remixing, mastering and remastering material for BBM 6. And yes, this one will be called BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME SIX because, even though it will feature some tracks from BBM 5 (which was released only on Bandcamp.com) that album has been permanently deleted. Some of the songs from BBM 5 found their way onto other albums as bonus material. I have four or five songs to work on yet and then I'll be uploading the compilation to CDBaby where it will show up most likely some time in early March, if not sooner.

I like all of the BIG BUSINESS MONKEY albums and this one is no exception. There's some nifty stuff on it...live material, new material, and previously unreleased older stuff, as well as the aforementioned tracks from BBM 5. As is usually the case, the CDBaby version will feature a downloadable insert with track by track notes. Other online stores such as Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify do not offer accompanying inserts (at least they don't let me offer them!)

It's hard to believe, but four years ago I was just starting sessions for RIDING THE ECHO DOWN, my first full-length of all new material since 2008's THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS. That one dropped in June 2014. I think it's a pretty good record, but it remains a rather obscure part of the BOK oeuvre.