Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The Bonus Live Album

The bonus "album" that I'm putting together for the Archive Project is turning out to be a pretty cool collection of vintage Book of Kills, Fear + Whiskey, and Karl Rove performances. I'd love to include a Plague Dogs song, but I have very little in the way of practice or concert recordings of that band.

Today I found a great recording of one of the best Medley's (I Hang Heavy-->Up In Flames-->Can't Stand It Anymore) from 2001 that that era's BOK line-up ever played. Though it was briefly available on a promo compact disc back in the early 2000s, it's still rare and it hasn't ever been available in the high fidelity of this just found master recording that I thought was long lost.

But the biggest discovery yesterday was a nearly nine minute version of Johnny St. Ours's Long Arm of the Law featuring just Johnny and me on acoustic guitars and Aaron Farrington on bass where I run through the song for the first time ever!

I've also uncovered some 2004 Book of Kills tracks that I'm certain have never been heard before, but the sound really isn't optimal. 

My biggest regret is that there are virtually no suitable recordings of any of Jane Firkin's songs from the 2000-2003 era. Just about anything that was listenable has already shown up on ROCKIN' THE CHEETAH'S ASS. We always had the hardest time getting a loud enough vocal on Jane's songs ("Turn it up, Jane!") and that translated to recordings where unfortunately her wonderful voice is virtually non-existent.

Anyway, I hope to feature around 14-16 rare tracks in the Bonus Live album in addition, of course, to everything else.