Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The Biggest Month of All

May 2017 turned out to be far and away the biggest month in the history of bookofkills.com. This site received 33,194 hits, surpassing the next closest month (this past April) by 9,000 hits. 30,496 sound files were downloaded from the audio page alone. Thank you for visiting bookofkills.com. And thank you even more if you've turned others on to the music of Book of Kills and its various related sound making entities. Keep streaming! Keep downloading!

Speaking of streaming, the following were the twenty most streamed Jim Shelley & Book of Kills songs of May: (1) I Roam the World Between Your Thighs (2) Fade (TOWARDS THE ESCAPE version); (3) Until the Day I Meet You; (4) Placebo (TOWARDS THE ESCAPE version); (5) Killing Time Again (TOWARDS THE ESCAPE version); (6) So Tired (TOWARDS THE ESCAPE version); (7) Then I Kissed Her (ALL ABOUT YOU version); (8) Let's Begin the Begin; (9) Not So Lost; (10) A Bluebird Will Do; (11) You Don't Owe Me Anything; (12) To Dream a New Dream (TOWARDS THE ESCAPE version); (13) I Guess You F%@#ed Up Another Day of Mine; (14) Painted Bird; (15) You're Not Mine Anymore; (16) One Last Promise to Keep; (17) Blue Heart Drumming (THE PLEASURE OF SAYING GOODBYE version; (18) Filling in Holes remix (FILLING IN HOLES version); (19) Avant Garde or F***** Up S***; (20) The Last Dumb Show.

See something on that list you haven't heard yet? Check it out! You might come to really like it.

George, Garfield and I had a very spirited practice last night. Added "To Dream a New Dream" to the repertoire. Look, this is probably my last go-round. I'm going to be playing "the hits" for the most part. Not "Stanley the Steamer" though. That one's out.