Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The ARCHIVES March Ever Onward

Remember back in January 2016 when I asked folks to send me Book of Kills media that I might not have? Well, as I reported before, a few good souls did indeed respond with donations (or at least copies) of photos and recordings but unfortunately, I had 90% of what was given me already and stuff that I knew existed and hoped I might finally see never materialized. Of course, I could've pressed on with my original plans but I've decided, rather than try to create one humongous collection of vintage BOK media to focus instead on what really matters: The Music.

Yesterday I began the slow process of creating "album folders" with the .wav files and artwork of each Jim Shelley-oriented album since 1983's 12 SONGS. I'll also include a folder of pre-1983 recordings as well, though I'll be selective as far as what goes into that one. A good number of previously unreleased material from my first days of recording exist but I don't have access to it right now because I don't have a working reel-to-reel tape recorder.

I might also create a photo and video folder, but that'll depend upon the amount of space I have left on a 64 gig flash drive after filling it with approximately 40 albums. Too, there's the possibility that I'd be able to create a "new" album of unreleased/rare material as well a la the BIG BUSINESS MONKEY series.

Regardless, there's no timetable for release. It's painfully slow work since I have to listen to every single .wav file while compiling album folders. I finished up work on the first album yesterday and got a bit more done today. I'll try to complete two or three a week until I'm done and then I'll see what else I can include. I'd like to have custom flash drives created but I'd have to find a company that does printing work for a reasonable amount.