Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The Archive Is Coming Along Swimmingly

I finished remastering (where needed) and compiling the twenty-five (!) tracks for 2002's ALL ABOUT YOU today. I haven't listened to that record in years. I was struck by its emotional heft and by the adventurousness of its arrangements. I also wished I could remix the thing but the multi-tracks have long since vanished.

I'm also working on a lyric/notes sheet for each album which features the original liner notes (at least where I can find them) in addition to the occasional new insight. Things should go a little faster now since many of the albums I'll work on going forward have already been more or less finished in preparation for their uploads over the last ten years to CDBaby and the various streaming services they work with and thus the tracks have already been optimized. I still haven't looked around for any outtakes, though I did spend about a half an hour today listening to unreleased live performances by the 2008-2009 era Book of Kills featuring George Nipe III, Mike Hicks and (on and off) David Tekippe, though I didn't find anything of real note. There's still lots to sift through.