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Streaming, Streaming, Streaming and Blah Blah Blah...

Good article here (The Washington Post) about the new reality of "making it" in a rock and roll band in 2017. A few quotations from the article in case you don't feel like reading it:

"...streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music...are the new industry gatekeepers. They contributed the majority of U.S. music sales for the first time last year, outpacing the money coming from CDs, vinyl and digital downloads."

"Today, less than 1 percent of songs represent 86 percent of the music streamed, according to the market research company Nielsen."

"'That's the thing that baffled me about streaming: It was supposed to be any band can be the new 'it band,'" said David Bakula, a senior vice president at Nielsen. 'It's actually turning out to be the opposite. The rich are getting richer. Even in an industry long centered on superstars, the result of these shifts is a growing sense that musicians need to go viral right away or risk oblivion. Musicians have less time to hone their skills and develop their sound. This worries industry observers who see a new economic model that makes it tougher for acts such...to survive. 'The middle of the market has collapsed,' says Alan Krueger, a Princeton University economist who studies the market forces in the music industry. 'In the long run, there's a risk that the quality of the music--the ability of musicians to stay in the game--will be challenged.'"