Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Still Working on Live BOK

I'm still working on remixing/remastering circa 2009-2010 Book of Kills live recordings. It's quite difficult and time-consuming to try to make live recordings of this era in any way, shape or form acceptable for public release. But...hey, the sound is marginally better than, say, what you get on THE QUINE TAPES or THE COMPLETE MATRIX TAPES from Velvet Underground.

One of rock and roll's great unsung guitarists and songwriters, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, was born on this day in 1948.

Joe Strummer died on this day in 2002. Obviously, a great loss to rock music. I liked The Clash a lot, particularly their first three albums, but I don't guess I can claim to have been crazy about them like I was about various other groups at the time. 

"I'm in a band. I have the basic idea, but when you surround yourself with really good players, why would I tell anyone what to play, because they're that good. They don't tell me what to play. They might encourage me, so that's what I do. I encourage them."

"I'm a guitar player. Actually, I think of myself as a songwriter/rhythm-guitar player."

"I always thought I wrote good bridges. I was a bit more impressed with the bridges I wrote than maybe the songs I wrote."

-- Rick Nielsen