Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Still Stuck in Concrete

I'm STILL working on the WELCOME TO CONCRETE upload. I THINK I'm going to finish it up late tomorrow (Wednesday around here). It will now most likely be a twenty song album and feature a number of new or new-ish tracks. The most interesting things will be the remixes, I think. Probably 40-50% of the time when I record a song I leave stuff off the final track. Of course, that doesn't mean I jettison those unused sounds...they're still there on the multi-tracks waiting to be used someday when I decide to re-release the song and remix and remaster it. If I do get the thing uploaded tomorrow, it'll take CDBaby two or three days to look over it and then send it back to me to okay. That means that it'll be available on Spotify and Apple Music as soon as Thanksgiving week.