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Spotify Controls Your Brain and Other Cool Things to Know!

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Interesting article at the Washington Post (might be subscriber only?) about how Spotify (and not so much Apple Music and Amazon Prime) manipulate customers listening habits. If you care much about little teeny tiny bugs on music's window (or is that "windshield"?) to the world like me you'll find it an eye-opening story. There's also a link to a much more in-depth article (definitely free for all to read) on Spotify if you're feeling your oats and want to dive more deeply into the company's rather cynical ways of influencing (controlling?) subscribers' listening habits.

"...If you’re an intrepid listener, the endless array of brain-chilling playlists promoted on Spotify aren’t being aimed at you. Streaming numbs only consumers who have paid to feel that way.

"Plus, the harder Spotify tries to get us to zone out, the greater the opportunity we have to sharpen our attention, to cultivate the intimacy of our listening, to better discern whether we’re being switched on or marketed to. That might seem like a lot of extra work for listeners who already feel overwhelmed by the infinite choices that streaming platforms provide, but it’s simply a continuation of how we’ve always lived. We used to turn on the radio and wade through an ambient slush of bad songs in hopes of catching the good one. Once upon a time, we were hunter-gatherers, roaming the landscape, trying to figure out which berries wouldn’t kill us." -- Chris Richards (The Washington Post)