Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Special Thanks

I want to offer a special thanks to a great Book of Kills supporter, Ken, for sending me lots of digital photographs of various limited edition collage album covers from the DIFFERENT, ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR and THE STRANGE ONE days. If you're rather new to BOK, in the past I created unique collage covers in limited edition runs for several different compact discs. Those days are pretty much done now, though I have on occasion thrown together a special package. I suppose I could do something special for the upcoming ARCHIVE project. If I did, it would most likely be an extremely limited edition of perhaps five or six, though I don't know what shape it would take since the project's going to be contained on a 64GB flash drive.

Anyway, Ken's contribution makes the ARCHIVE just that much better. If you've got some material you could email or snail mail to me, please let me know. I appreciate all the stuff that's been sent to me over the last couple years, but there's so much more I'd love to include on the ARCHIVE project.

We shall see.

On this day in 1972, The Rolling Stones (the second greatest rock band of all time) released EXILE ON MAIN STREET. Though there are several other Stones albums that I enjoy listening to more, there's no doubt that EXILE is one of the top 40-50 albums ever produced in the rock era. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it #7...a little high, I think, but there's no doubting its greatness.