Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Somebody Explain This To Me

Okay. I got a notice today from YouTube about "YouTube Content I.D." downloads for my song "Wee Drowned Sisters & Whimsy Frowns" (the newly remixed and remastered--and vastly superior to the original--version) which indicates the song has been listened to 13,733 times as of March 31. I'm not exactly sure what YouTube Content I.D. is. Someone fill me in? Is it some sort of sync licensing thing? One would think that I'd know how my own songs are being disseminated, but I'm at a loss. 

"Wee Drowned Sisters & Whimsey Frowns", by the way, originally appeared on Book of Kills Single #7 back in February of 2016. It was reissued on BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME SIX in February or March of 2018. It was my fun attempt to write sort of a 1967-era type Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett psychedelic song.