Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Seven Years and Two Days Ago...

I forgot to mention Monday that March 13 (Monday, of course) marked the SEVEN year anniversary of Book of Kills' "farewell" performance at the Little Grill. No, I did not say at the time that there would never be another Book of Kills show. What I DID say is that for the time being the BOK name was taking a rest. And what I DID say was that the trio of Mike Hicks on drums, George Nipe III on bass/vocals and yours truly would most likely never team up again to play any shows. Mike now lives in Spain, so unless he has discovered some sort of matter transmitter, the three of us jamming together is a fairly remote possibility.

In case you're wondering, from left to right: Linda (sis in law), George (older brother), Amy (daughter in law), Christian (younger son), Mary Lou (wife), George III (duh), me (duh), Daniel (older son). Taken after the show.


(I added three "new" photos from that show on the photo page, by the way.)