Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Saluted and Defied Redux

As far as I can tell, the third Single of the Month Remixed album, SALUTED AND DEFIED, is now available for streaming and download on several music stores online, including Spotify and Apple Music. This one features fifteen songs. Tracks you might initially want to check out (besides ALL of them)...or at least some of my favorites this time...include "Like Mad (The Do Do Li Do Song)", "We Gather and Release", "Jackboots on Cobblestone", "Saddest Day Ever", "Django T. Banghardt", "Your Jets" and "Your World Will Shape My Bones". But really like most BOK albums, they work best when you listen to all of the songs in order.

"I tell people, 'Look, do me a favor; listen to it in the order it’s intended.' It’s very easy to import an album into a computer and make it any order you want and just mix and match records. Sequencing is a lost art." -- Joe Bonamassa