Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Reject and More

I managed to finish the REJECT folder yesterday. I also found a couple of old poster photos to add to the Poster folder and a number of photos of various items for the Miscellaneous folder. Today I spent a lot of time looking through old posters/fliers/etc and digitizing the ones I don't already have in the Poster folder. I've come across a lot of material I'd completely forgotten about...

...including a ticket to some sort of 1994 contest where the winners would receive "a special, ultra-exclusive SIX HOUR album by Jim Shelley, which will be released December 31, 1994. This album, which will be limited to a run of 25 copies, will consist of 360 segments of music, noise, and spoken words and is currently being recorded in one minute or less segments daily. The album will be comprised of every single one of these compositions." I do remember (vaguely) recording some of these segments on my old TOA 8 track cassette machine but I can't recall ever coming across any of these recordings in my searches for material for various compilations over the past 8-10 years. That might be because the TOA doesn't work very well anymore and hasn't for quite some time. It might mean that there's some interesting material just waiting to be discovered on some of the hundreds of cassettes in my big plastic storage box out in the garage. I guess I'll have to comb through every single one of them. I'm QUITE sure that I never came close to recording six hours of material and I have no idea what happened as far as the contest went. I would assume that I realized I just didn't have the wherewithal to create a six hour album and either cancelled the contest or never announced it in the first place. Nearly twenty-five years later, I simply can't remember. Jeez...that would've been several months before I put together the very first Book of Kills line-up.

On this day in 2003, BOK played one of their final shows (at least, of course, that line-up) at the Shark Club in Centreville up in Northern Virginia. The set list: Cave In, Style-->Bad Person, Gemini, Killing Time Again, Nelson-->Then I Kissed Her, Sweet William, Don't Stop The Scream, Face, AntiMan, Clever, Jesco White, Sweet, Why Won't You?-->Can't Stand It Anymore, Money.

Fifteen years ago.