Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


One of the more popular entries on this page was something I wrote about a year ago concerning BOK/Fear + Whiskey songs I could recommend to newbie listeners. Here's that list again with a few updates. Please note that (1) I haven't listed every album I've ever been a part of (some of which haven't even been uploaded to online stores yet, others of which are too recent to have any reported activity yet) and (2) these aren't necessarily the songs I would recommend, but rather the two most "popular" tracks (in terms of streaming and downloads) on each album at the time I wrote the original August 11, 2016 entry and this update:

BLOOM OR DIE? - The Night John Lennon Died & I Hang Heavy
FOR THE GOOD OF THE CAUSE - The Ballad of Finley Preston & No Time For Love
DON'T STOP THE SCREAM - When Your Dreams & Religion is that I Love You
THE HAUNTED LIFE - New James Shelley Blues & She's the Kind of Girl
WEE JIM'S BLACKEYE - Let's Go to the Grill & Bad Person
DETRITUS - Jesco White & Never Be Like You
SAINT JUDAS - La La La La La La & My Date With Kim Deal
SPLENDID TRIGGER - Never Be Like You & There I Go Again
SO FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION - Kisses of the Crying Cooks & Especially for You
IF I SHOULD FALL - If I Should Fall & Caroline
WRITING ON THE WALL - The Handcuff King & I Leave Her There Until She Rings Three Times
ALL ABOUT YOU - Then I Kissed Her & Backing into the Future
WASP 51! - Ah Ahh Ahhh! & Better Yet Let's Go to Bed
I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE - Waiting on a Busted Cloud & I Say Yes and You Say Yes
DIFFERENT - Fashion Right & Before This Shithouse Burns
THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS - Hello Teenage America & Pineapple Dog
TOWARD THE ESCAPE - Never Be Like You & River of Blood (Live Version)
THE STRANGE ONE - Like Flies in a Jar & The Shape of Your Eyes Goes Round My Heart (Long Version)
FEAR + WHISKEY ANTHOLOGY - Cold Rain and Snow & Man in the Long Black Coat
RIDING THE ECHO DOWN - I Guess You F#&@ed Up Another Day of Mine & You Don't Owe Me Anything
FILLING IN HOLES - I Roam the World Between Your Thighs & A Bluebird Will Do
HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE WE? - I Could Live in a Tree & It Starts Here with Us