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Pat DiNizio Has Passed...Jeez

Pat DiNizio has died. DiNizio was the leader of the Smithereens, a band I liked a great deal back in the late '80s. I was especially fond of their first four releases, ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, BEAUTY AND SADNESS, LIVE and GREEN THOUGHTS. I also liked their 2007 album MEET THE SMITHEREENS and 2008's B-SIDES THE BEATLES. I actually communicated with Mr. DiNizio briefly last year. He purchased some vintage books from me on eBay and I wrote him a short note telling him how much I liked his band. He very kindly wrote a short letter back telling me how much he appreciated someone taking the time to say something nice about his music. The Smithereens always seemed like just a bunch of average Joes making catchy rock music mainly because it was something they loved doing. That others liked them was simply icing on the old cake.

I bought a copy of Apple's LOGIC X (recording software) yesterday. Then I realized that my trusty old 8 channel PreSonus computer interface isn't compatible with my new MacBook Pro. So I had to buy a new interface today. The money I spent on that stuff will take me years to recoup through streaming and downloads. It's worth it. I make music 'cause it's something I love doing.

Sadly, I haven't done much of anything as far as recording goes, the past three days. I had big plans, but I ended up doing other stuff that seemed more pressing. I've written a new song. Maybe I'll make it the first thing I record with my new software/hardware purchases.

I uploaded 5 or 6 "new" photographs. I deleted a couple songs. But I'll probably upload some new ones soon.