Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Okay...I've Changed My Mind

Okay...I've changed my mind. Now I'm going to upload various tracks from 1999, including the WELCOME TO CONCRETE E.P., several remixes from the late '99 SPECIAL LISTENER'S CLUB E.P. (most of which featured George Nipe III providing backing vocals), and some previously unreleased outtakes. There's definitely enough material to flesh out a 15-16 song album. As I've said before, this period definitely isn't a highpoint in BOK recording history, but it's interesting nonetheless as a bridge from the end of early Book of Kills to the beginning of the various band line-ups that featured Casey and Jane Firkin from late 1999 through late 2003. I spent a few hours today poking around in various piles of old cassettes trying to locate stuff suitable for release and I've already uncovered more than I thought I'd find. I'd estimate that it'll take me at least two-three weeks, maybe more, to get the album ready for release.

Of note on this day in rock'n'roll history: In 1962, The Beatles's made their first-ever appearance on a record sales chart anywhere when "Love Me Do" debuted at number 19 on British singles charts. It would climb as high as number four.

Dave Grohl made his first live appearance with Nirvana on this day in 1990 at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, Washington.

"Through Kurt I saw the beauty of minimalism and the importance of music that's stripped down." -- Dave Grohl