Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Next Up?

I thought I'd be getting a notice soon from CDBaby concerning my next "free" (actually, it costs me $20 for every "free" one) upload of an album to Spotify, et al, and voila: Yesterday came the news! So, I'll be trying to decide what to make available next over the next few days. I'll probably have something in the works by early next week.

Good practice last evening. Added an old Plague Dogs song that I always liked a lot. Still a long way to go before we're tight enough to play a live show but we're getting there.

Lots of cool stuff happened on this day in rock and roll. For instance, on this day in 1964, The Beatles spent their first full day ever in America doing stuff like walking around in Central Park being followed by hundreds of teenage girls. Later the Ronettes interviewed the boys on radio. On this day in 1973, Max Yasgur died of a heart attack at the age of 53. Look it up. On this day in 1975, Bob Dylan's great BLOOD ON THE TRACKS hit number one on the album charts. (In case you're wondering, the soundtrack to LA LA LAND is number one on the album charts as I write this blog. )On this day in 1981, R.E.M. went into the studio for the first time ever and recorded the classics, "(Don't Go Back to) Rockville", "Radio Free Europe", and "Gardening at Night", among others. Incredible. On this day in 1990, Del Shannon committed suicide by pistol. 

"If it's a whole show of my own, I'll do more of what I think Del Shannon is. But for shows like Disneyland, I'll just do mainly hits. That's what they want to hear. I don't want to bore people. If I wanted that much to play nothing but 12 new songs, then I should go do it in a bar somewhere for peanuts." -- Del Shannon