Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Malcolm Young

I love rhythm guitar. Although 90% of the time I provide the lead guitar when I record or play in a band, I don't really care much for being the lead guitarist. However, I've spent decades playing rhythm guitar and I find driving the band along with the bass and drums is a thrilling thing. Malcolm Young was one of rock and roll's greatest rhythm guitar players. Now he's just one more musical giant who has passed into the ether.

John Lennon was the first musician who made me aware of the importance of rhythm guitar in a band. I owe a lot of my own style to his manner of playing.

"There's very few rock & roll bands. There's rock bands, there's sort of metal bands, there's whatever, but there's no rock & roll bands. There's the Stones and us. Rock bands don't really swing. A lot of rock is stiff. They don't understand the feel, the movement, you know, the jungle of it all." -- Malcolm Young

"I never wanted to sing, I just wanted to play rhythm guitar. Hide in the back and just play." -- Kurt Cobain

I’m an okay guitarist. I’m not technically good, but I can make it fucking howl and move. Its an important job. I can make a band drive." -- John Lennon