Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Lots More Material To Upload

Spent a good deal of time, as I said a few days ago, looking through tapes, old CDs and hard drives for old material from the 1998-1999 era just after the release of SO FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION and IF I SHOULD FALL and immediately preceding the years that I drifted in and out of various BOK live band line-ups and I realized it's going to take me even longer than I thought to gather together the material I want to preserve for the CDBaby upload of the WELCOME TO CONCRETE album. There were essentially two Christmas CDs released then which comprise some 20 or more tracks in themselves. Of course, WELCOME TO CONCRETE consists of seven tracks and there are quite a few outtakes. So you could be talking about upward of forty songs!

On this day in 2013, the immortal Lou Reed died. He had long admitted to a life of hard drinking and prodigious drug use.

"My week beats your year." -- Lou Reed