Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Live Rock'n'Roll Albums

It's time once again for me to upload an album to CDBaby for distribution to all the internet stores, blah blah blah...

Unfortunately, I don't think I have any albums left to upload, other than some sort of live compilation. I suppose that could be an interesting record, though there really isn't much in the way of unreleased live material that I'm aware of...unless there's some stuff I could glean from the video tapes that I still haven't managed to look at yet. Maybe that's something I should attend to this week, eh?

“What makes a great live album? They should be honest and sincere. They should be mixed well, but they shouldn’t be over-produced or toyed with too much. Feel and energy are essential to a live record. That’s what the listener needs to pick up on. It needs to translate that fucking energy. Live, the tempo is picked up, there’s feedback, there’s the nuances and little ad-libs that singers bring into a live performance. I think mistakes are great. Even some out-of-tune stuff is great because there’s emotional content, you know, and that’s not always on a studio record.

“And nowadays? I don’t know. Is there a big live record out right now? I think most artists in the millennium tend to suck because they spend too much time and energy in the studio making things sound right; they don’t want to be heard live. That’s just my observation. But back then live albums were great.” -- Slash, TeamRock.com