Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Live Book of Kills 2008-2010 Era

Part of this past Wednesday and Thursday, I spent some time looking through the few live recordings I have of Book of Kills circa 2008-2010 the line-up of which featured George Nipe III on bass and vocals, Mike Hicks on drums, (on more occasions than not) David Tekippe on guitar, and yours truly on guitar and vocals. Sadly, there very few of these recordings are decent enough to merit releasing on some sort of "official" album. That said, unbeknownst to most BOK listeners, I did actually issue an eighteen track compilation of live performances by the band back in 2010. I gave away all but a couple of those CDs which consisted, I suspect, of perhaps a grand total of perhaps a dozen. I don't even think I have the artwork for that album anymore.

Anyway (I've said this previously), when that band was on, it was probably as exciting a version of Book of Kills as any, and it deserves to have a live legacy on the internet that interested folks can listen to. So I've started the long process of remastering and, on occasion remixing, the tracks that would be sound-worthy enough to be part of some sort of new official release. If you're wondering how you "remix" a two track live recording, it involves a complicated process of isolating vocals and instrumentals and relocating them in the sound field by giving them their own tracks that can then be emphasized to simulate a truer stereo sound. This can't always be done (in fact, it usually can't), but sometimes a successful remix can yield fairly surprising sonic improvements.

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