Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Life Is Short. Make Something.

It's about 7:10 A.M. I'm getting ready to make the push to finish up mastering the tracks that'll go on the newest BOK upload. Artwork (which always consists of only an "album" cover) is done.

New BREEDERS album (the first one in ten years) is dropping this Friday.

“I got like a hundred songs when I was like 16, 17. I look at them and think, “Oh, you poor…” The music is pretty good, but the lyrics are just like, OH MY GOD. We were just trying to figure out how 'blues' rhymes with 'you'. When I was writing them, they didn’t have anything to do with who I was.”

"A, C, and G are the only chords any honest musician needs."

-- Kim Deal

“Life is short, make something. Make a LOT of somethings. Some of them might actually be what somebody, somewhere, didn’t even know they needed.“ — John Rogers