Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

I'm Back! (Bet You Didn't Know I Was Gone!)

Just got back from my niece's wedding in South Carolina. Had a great time! Lots and lots of family and fun. But you probably don't much care about that now, do you?

George III was there as well. We talked about Book of Kills. Looks like we'll be getting back together (finally) this week. I think we'll work on a couple new songs, one that George wrote not too long ago and one I just wrote a couple weeks ago specifically for the band. I didn't make a demo of the song but I did sort of hum it into my iPhone. Hope I remember exactly how it all goes!

It's already time to upload yet another album. I guess it's down to WELCOME TO CONCRETE, some sort of Karl Rove compilation (since that band never actually released an album), or some sort of latter day live compilation. I'll figure it out.