Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

How Does A Week Go By So Quickly?

I had no idea I hadn't posted anything in a week, but then most of you know that I tend to run hot and cold with my blogs, don't you? I guess since George is over in Spain right now visiting former Book of Kills drummer Mike Hicks (Mike lives there now) and we're not practicing I sort of forget to write anything.

I sent Billy Brett of Buck Gooter an email concerning setting up a show at the Little Grill in August. Oddly enough, a day later I was eating outside at the Artful Dodger in Harrisonburg when I saw none other than Pablo Olivieri (who drummed for the short-lived 2013 BOK incarnation). We talked about possibly setting up a show together some time in the near future. These days, Pablo's long-time band Shagwüf is going strong down in Staunton.

I hoped there'd be something noteworthy to report on this day in rock and roll, but really there's just not much of interest that happened.

Till next time?