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Happy Halloween & Life is Very Very Weird

Happy Halloween, if you're into that sort of stuff. I guess Halloween is now the second most popular holiday in America? Am I right about that? I think so.

My neighbor across the street passed away yesterday afternoon while my wife and I were home. Awful lot of this dying stuff going on around us lately.

Robert Pollard was born on this day in 1957. That means this is quite the momentous birthday for Mr. Pollard.

No news on the band front, nor on the WELCOME TO CONCRETE upload. However, I will be able to devote a few hours this week to the upload, I hope.

“I have so many cassettes full of songs and 8-track recordings that I don’t labor over it when a [compilation] project...comes up. There are some songs on [the latest one] that I don’t even remember doing. I was, like, ‘Is that us? What the hell is that?’ And there’s still shitloads of stuff left over.” -- Robert Pollard