Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Got a Spare Million on Ya?

Interesting, if very brief, story about the auction of the recording console in Abbey Road's Studio 2 used by many great bands from The Beatles to The Cure to Pink Floyd. In fact, the Floyd recorded DARK SIDE OF THE MOON on this baby. Now, if you got the bread, it could be yours. And it's in working condition! Go here to read more.

Top Ten Jim Shelley & Book of Kills songs for February:

1. Jesco White
2. Ah Ahh Ahhh!
3. I Could Live in a Tree
4. Prelude to Sunshine
5. Heaven
6. Little Lulu Sunshine (Remix)
7. Three Winds to the Sheet
8. How Beautiful Are We?
9. Little Lulu Sunshine
10. Gone to Glory

I need to write more songs about semi-famous eccentric people.