Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Enough's Enough?

Okay...I have gone through dozens of old cassettes, CDs and SD cards. I've gotten 28 suitable tracks mixed and mastered. That's enough. There might be more unreleased stuff somewhere, but sooner or later you have to say enough's enough. Now I'll get back to compiling stray Book of Kills/Jim Shelley/Karl Rove/Fear + Whiskey/Plague Dogs material. That shouldn't take much longer, since I'd finished working on the great majority of that stuff before I got semi-consumed with the live album. 

A couple of live things that didn't make the cut will probably show up on bookofkills.com over the next few weeks.

Another aspect of the Archive Project is providing liner notes. I have at best 50% of that task done. But that shouldn't take too long. I think the projected finish date of late June is still viable.

I haven't made any moves yet towards transferring this web site's contents to a new server.

I will be making a surprising announcement sooner or later. But I've got to get the Project finished first.

On this day in 2001, Jane and Casey Firkin, Bill Bird and I played our second live show on James Madison University's WXJM. Although I had this show on CD at one time, it has since been lost. The set list: Accidentally Naked, Cave In, Fat Woman Lying in the Street, If I Asked You, Because Because, Running, To Dream a New Dream, I Hang Heavy-->Up in Flames-->Can't Stand It Anymore.

The great Prince Rogers Nelson was born on this day in 1958. 30 top 40 singles, kids. And all of them good.