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Do You Remember?

If you've followed this site for any amount of time, you know I do love Hüsker Dü. You probably also know that I enjoy listening to podcasts. For better or worse, I probably listen to them more these days than I do music. Sad (I guess), but true. Anyhow, I don't know if I've mentioned this previously, but if you like music-oriented podcasts and you have any interest at all in Husker Du, you should check out The Current's very good five part series on the band called "Do You Remember? The Life and Legacy of Hüsker Dü". You can find it on iTunes and I guess wherever you might download your own favorite podcasts.

Speaking of podcasts, I recall George Nipe III and I discussing them not so long ago and finding it rather humorous that actually they're just old-time styled radio shows and how true the old saying, "Everything old is new again" actually is.

Early this morning, I worked on some final mixes for seven songs that will grace the next BOK compilation. I don't look for it to come out before January, however.

"We definitely never tailored the set to fit an audience. Basically we'd play what we were playing which was usually what we'd just written. And the great thing in my opinion that made us a band that you had to see live was because you never knew what you were going to hear. What you were going to hear was something new. People would be like, "I don't know any of these songs. They're not on the record that I just bought that they just released." And that's because we were touring the record that we were about to record. And I also think that's one reason why when we got into the studio, we were able to be pretty efficient and lay things down. We kept people on their toes." -- Bob Mould

"I don't want to make compromises. I want my little silly jokes to be told with the correct punch line, and I'm satisfied trading off the immediacy to fulfill the detailed work of the artistic end of things." -- Grant Hart