Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Concrete is Set

WELCOME TO CONCRETE has been uploaded and approved by CDBaby and sent to the various online streaming stores around the world. It features 20 tracks from 1999 including, of course, the WELCOME TO CONCRETE e.p. as well as the 1999 fan club Christmas compact disc which featured George Nipe III on backing vocals on several tracks, and various remixes and previously unreleased outtakes. 

As I said previously, 1999 was a very odd year in the musical history of Book of Kills. At the time I thought I'd run out of inspiration after having recorded and released over 300 songs, almost all of them original compositions, in the previous ten years. (That's about the exact same number of songs all of the Beatles combined recorded and released in the ten years they were together, including seventy cover songs.) But it turns out that, although '99 wasn't what you'd call a banner year for BOK, it wasn't one of famine either. And some time during the summer I'd begun the long process of finding a new group of musicians since the 1997-98 line-up with Brian and Dave Buracker and Brock Beatty had disbanded.

On this day in 2001, Book of Kills played their first show at Alston's Pub in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I remember Randy Simpson couldn't play that day due to college commitments, so it was just Casey and Jane Firkin, Bill Bird and me. It was an odd gig since I had to take over all of the lead guitar requirements, but I guess our performance was good enough to catch the ear of the owner who'd later have us back as the first-ever original material headlining band to play that big ol' joint. The set list: Running, Caroline, If You Want It, Face, Why Won't You?, Psycho Killer-->Bad Person, Cave In, Sweet, I Hang Heavy-->Up In Flames-->Can't Stand It Anymore, Little Bit O' Soul, Rain, Don't Stop The Scream. Cool group of songs, actually.