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Chrome Dreams

I found Neil Young's legendary unreleased album CHROME DREAMS online yesterday. I'd more or less forgotten it even existed until I came across a mention of it in some review I stumbled across recently. I thought I'd look in a place on the internet where you can find just about any album (legit or not) and voila...there it was. It's a bootleg, of course, but it is an extremely well-done one with great sound. I feel like I was just given a "new" Neil album  from the late '70s to cherish on the level of his best work like ZUMA, RUST NEVER SLEEPS, COMES A TIME, TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT, EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE, AFTER THE GOLD RUSH and HARVEST. It's that good! Quirky but good.

Why didn't he release it? Who knows. Instead he put out AMERICAN STARS AND BARS (an under-appreciated, really good record for sure but not a great one). I wrote and recorded a pretty good album once called DOGALYPSE. I've released a few songs from it on other records but the cassette master was lost during our move from Dayton to Bridgewater back in 1996 and it never came out and now it's gone for good.

Anyway, if you can find a copy of CHROME DREAMS and you've never heard it and you're a Neil Young fan, you owe it to yourself to search for it.

I added a few pictures from the early 2000s. Worth taking a peak.

"Nobody expected TIME FADES AWAY and I'm not sorry I put it out. I didn't need the money, I didn't need the fame. You gotta keep changing. Shirts, old ladies, whatever. I'd rather keep changing and lose a lot of people along the way. If that's the price, I'll pay it. I don't give a shit if my audience is 100 or 100 million. It doesn't make any difference to me. I'm convinced that what sells and what I do are two completely different things. If they meet, it's coincidence. " -- Neil Young (from a 1975 interview)