Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Came and Went...Meh...

The snow came and went. We got about four inches. No big deal. (We hardly had any snow this winter. Weird. I remember when I was a kid and we'd have gigantic storms that would leave snow on the ground for days and weeks at a time.) But tonight the winds are supposed to kick up to 20-30+ mph with temps in the 20s, and I don't want to be out in it. So I guess we'll move practice to another day.

On this day in 2009, Book of Kills (George Nipe III, Mike Hicks, David Tekippe and ever-enigmatic Jim Shelley) played one of my favorite BOK shows at the now defunct Sonny's Place near the town of Luray in Page County, Virginia. SET LIST: Killing Time Again, Glass Turns To Sand, To Dream A New Dream, I Fell Inside, Placebo, Marzipan Day-->Different, Blue Man, Lost, Never Be Like You, Stanley The Steamer, So Tired, River Of Blood.

I uploaded a couple live tracks today. Some folks obviously enjoy whatever stuff I put on the audio page as long as it's rock'n'roll.

"I used to go to concerts where people would not play their big single, and I never could understand why. So I've never been ambivalent or resentful of people loving that song ("Closing Time"). You do have to go through a period of performance where a certain percentage of people in the crowd only want to hear that one thing. So you might be playing a bigger room, but a certain percentage of people only want to hear that one song and then go home. And that took a while to get used to..."

"I'm always amazed when I talk to songwriters in Los Angeles who have never played a live show. I can't really imagine what that's even about. How would you ever know when your song has that electric effect on people? I used to have this experience that when you played to a packed house and you played the really good song that's better than the other ones, the whole audience seemed to be about an inch taller. It's powerful. You can see this weird change in the room." -- Dan Wilson (Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, etc. Quoted from an interview in the December 2016 issue of TapeOp.)