Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


No, I have not been very diligent lately about adding new songs to the Audio page or photos to the Picture page, etc. What energy I've been able to devote to music has gone almost entirely to constructing the Archive Project. And, as I wrote not too long ago, I'm close (probably a month or two) to moving bookofkills.com to a new server that's both cheaper and more focused on helping musicians promote their music rather than simply gouging them for more and more (what should be) basic services that ought to be offered not as costly add-on's but rather as part of the core services offered by the server. So, rather than take the time to put more content up that will only be removed shortly after, I've elected to focus on news updates.

I had several hours available to work on the project yesterday...the first time I've had in more than a week...and I was able to listen to a number of old cassettes, primarily Karl Rove and Plague Dogs practices. I came across two KR songs, both Johnny St. Ours compositions, that I don't even recall ever playing before! Neither, however, was a very good recording. Unfortunately, the Plague Dog tapes were uniformly poor sonically. That band always practiced in a garage that was rather harsh sounding and tended to eat up vocals. On the other hand, the Karl Rove tended to play way too loud in practices and that ended up creating quite harsh-sounding recordings.

I have eighteen tracks currently. I've scaled back expectations. I'm hoping that I'll have twenty to twenty-two total useable recordings now. And even that number might be wishful thinking!