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I simply won't have any time of consequence to work on music stuff for the remainder of this week, but I should have a couple of days next week to devote to further solidifying what I want to do with the archives project. I realize at this point in time that a USB flash drive is has already become an old-school means of delivering musical content, but then again, I don't know of any other way to put photos, .wav files, (possibly video), and documents all in one easy-to-use digital archive. I certainly can't afford to put hundreds of files online for streaming (I'm already paying a substantial amount of money annually just to keep this site afloat and to make BOK/Fear + Whiskey songs available for streaming and downloading), so a flash drive seems to be the way to go. Obviously CDs and DVDs are simply too unwieldy. The old box set from 2006, ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR, was fun to assemble in its time but even twelve years ago, CDs were starting to fade. Nowadays, I'd venture to guess that the great majority of people in the world who listen to music don't even own a CD player. 

I've already gotten to substantial number of old BOK/F+W poster images and album covers together as well as a few photos of odds and ends that would be of interest to fans of my music. I haven't found much in the way of suitable unreleased material but then again, I haven't really spent much time looking around for any. I'd love to be able to put together at least a 14 track album of rare material for the archive project though.

This is a notable day in Book of Kills history. The BOK line-up featuring Dave Buracker, Brian Buracker, Brock Beatty, and me, of course, broke up shortly after playing this gig at The Little Grill in Harrisonburg, Virginia in 1997. The set list: Before and Ever After, She's the Kind of Girl, Because Because, Placebo, Get My Gun Allison, March of the Lima Beans, Don't Stop the Scream, Heaven, Cara Anne, My World Turned to Black, I Start to Fall, Killing Time Again, Fade, I Hang Heavy, Paperback Writer, Abandoned, Wonder Twin, Lost, Fade (again!).