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An All-New Music Video Coming Soon!

Back in 2010, I made my first-ever video for the 2002 remake of "Simple World" which I wrote and originally recorded way back in 1991. It (the video) never enjoyed many views (I think it's still only hovering around the 500 views mark since its debut in September 2010), but I got lots of nice feedback from friends and BOK fans about it, and a few folks over the years have asked me when I was going to make another one. I can't say that putting together a second video was high on my list of must-do projects, but I suppose I knew eventually I'd get around to doing a follow-up to "Simple World". And, as it turns out, I did indeed come up with the plan for a second one (though I didn't know what song I'd use) a couple years ago and wrote (well, typed) it down on a piece of paper that I subsequently stuffed into a drawer in the living room and pretty much forgot about it until I discovered it again yesterday. It's very very simple. Not just simple. Simple-minded actually. 

So I had a couple days during which I could devote a few hours of my time to music and BOK-related activities and decided I'd see if I could throw together a new video. I've got about half of the shots "in the can" already (I'll get the remainder today) and I'll try to piece it all together, which is harder than you might think. I believe I might be able to upload it by Thursday or Friday. More soon.

The song? "Filling in Holes". When I wrote and recorded it as part of Single #6 in the Single of the Month series during January 2016, I knew I had a new classic BOK cut what with its '60s psychedelic garage attitude and tone. I remember when Aaron Farrington, Billy Hunt, Johnny St. Ours and I jammed in the spring of 2016 that Johnny took an instant liking to "Hole". That kind of confirmed my own positive feelings for the song, 'cause Johnny's not easy to please when it comes to writing a new song. So it seems like a natural for the video treatment. You can check out "Filling in Holes" on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the others, of course, if you have a hankering to do so.

George III, Garfield and I practice today.

Butch Vig was born on this day in 1957. Yikes! Butch Vig is SIXTY!!! And get this...in case you're not aware of the fact, if Kurt Cobain were still alive, he'd be fifty. Time marches on, kids.

"I made so many recordings with junky mics and crappy mixing consoles. You have to use what your tools are, and in some ways that's been inspirational." -- Butch Vig

"Music comes first; lyrics are secondary. Most of my lyrics are contradictions. I'll write a few sincere lines, and then I'll have to make fun of [them]. I don't like to make it too obvious, because if it is too obvious, it gets really stale. You shouldn't be in people's faces 100% all the time. We don't mean to be really cryptic or mysterious, but I just think that lyrics that are different and weird and spacey paint a nice picture. It's just the way I like art." -- Kurt Cobain